‘All we need to do is unlock our technology prowess’: Senator Andrew Bragg on the report into fintech and regtech

While Australia officially slips into the first recession in 30 years, it is clear that we need more jobs. But we must embrace technology to be globally competitive. There is no other way.

The Senate Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology was established in September last year, and following an extensive round of public submissions and hearings in January and February, the committee was due to table this interim report in March this year.

However, COVID-19 intervened, and the committee decided to reopen submissions and take further evidence at hearings in the middle part of the year before finalising this report.

In total, the inquiry has now received more than 200 written submissions from a broad range of stakeholders and held ten public hearings. Following this substantial interim report, the committee will consider further matters relevant to its terms of reference and present a final report in April 2021.

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