The Pitch Doctor: Fyre Festival – great deck, even greater disaster


Welcome to our new, regular column, The Pitch Doctor, with Cheryl Mack, Head of Community at Stone & Chalk.

When Mack appeared on the Startup Daily show recently on ausbiz, we asked her to name the best pitch deck she’d seen. She only half-jokingly replied “Fyre Festival”.

So today, we’re launching The Pitch Doctor If you’d like her to analyse a pitch deck, please send it to startupdaily[at] and we’ll get the doc to examine it and share her diagnosis here. 

We kick off with Mack’s analysis of that now notorious pitch deck.


Was Fyre Fest doomed from the start?

We all know the story. Guy pitches, guy gets investment, guy completely over-reaches, guy does a bunch of sketchy, then fraudulent things and lands a six-year federal prison sentence.

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