Throwing a Gronade at the fear of AI

While millions of people the world over are fearing the disruption of the fourth industrial revolution, one Harbour City Labs’ startup, Gronade, is touting its benefits for all to hear.

According to
Gronade founder Tomer Garzberg, the emergence of AI and machine learning across
all sectors of business will bring with it a brave new world where the five-day
work week is a thing of the past and humans are freed from robotic tasks thanks
to the power of automation.

Garzberg is so
passionate about the benefits of AI he’s even given a TED Talk about it.

“I think what
we have to really understand is that the way we think about work is actually
not normal, it’s quite broken. We’ve normalised accepting work as this kind of
five-day cycle,” says Garzberg.

“When we think
about our jobs and what we do, the most rewarding part, the part we celebrate
the most, is actually the parts we often do least. It’s the parts where we are
at the most human. When we’re being creative, when we’re being innovative, when
we’re conceptualising. Yet the majority of our work lives is admin, it’s
robotic tasks. Those tasks, they can be automated and they will be automated, because at the end of the day our work life is
designed to help our organisations capitalise on the market.

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