Can a CEO or founder ever really take a break from work?

Ben Lipschitz, CEO and co-founder of FoodByUs, reflects on the benefits for his business when he finally allowed himself to take a proper break from work after six years without a real holiday.

As the leader of a fast paced and high-growth tech startup, you accept it’s a role that requires plenty of your focus and attention. If you really want your business to do well, you also need to commit to  bringing the ‘founder energy’ – the hunger for success, the boundless inspiration and sense of purpose that everyone else in your team feeds off.

Taking a holiday? No chance!

Or so I thought until recently, when I finally bit the bullet and took a few weeks’ leave; the longest I have taken since co-founding FoodByUs in 2016.

My concerns about taking leave have never been about my confidence in the team; in fact, quite the reverse.

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