Developing a New Product? Get an Outsider’s Opinion First

Startups and entrepreneurs creating innovative technologies are understandably protective of their processes and soon-to-be-released products. Giving away their competitive advantage would have devastating effects on their business. This secretive nature can result in a very guarded culture in which insiders are the only ones trusted to discuss the details of their company. These beliefs, although not unfounded, often complicate the process of evaluating new product offerings.

In order to receive feedback on their latest projects, a company may commission an internal review team composed of current employees. This tightly held circle, although secure, often offers little value. While the team’s proximity to the product makes them a first choice to evaluate it, it also often means that they are biased toward the product to give an accurate opinion, hindering the results of their study. Contracting an external review team can provide an objective perspective on new products.

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Weighing the benefits of internal and external reviews for your business

Bringing together an internal review team may seem to make sense on the surface. You already have employees who are familiar with your product, so you might as well use their expertise to evaluate your prototype.

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