Sunny Isles Public Arts Promotes the Development of the City Through Arts

Recently, Sunny Isles in Florida accepted applicants for the new Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC). Applicants who were qualified were delegated to advise the City Commissions when it comes to public arts.

Who are qualified PAAC members?

The members of the Sunny Isles Public Arts work on a pro-bono basis. Committee members should possess one or more of the following: visual or graphic arts, engineering, urban planning, architecture and design, public art and place-making curation, digital and display design and professionally trained artists. Since it is pro-bono, the professionals are expected to volunteer for the public good. They would provide free services and contribute for the Sunny Isles’ public arts improvement.

What really are the duties and responsibilities of the PAAC?

Since Sunny Isles is an area of cultural diversity, it is focused on enriching the public arts. The qualified membSunny Isles public artsers have a two-year term starting from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2020.

Below are the roles of each PAAC member:

  • They will advise the city commission and would serve as an advocate for the aesthetics and public arts of the city.
  • They are in charge of developing, supporting and encouraging different cultural programs and projects.
  • They should encourage the participation of the citizens in the public arts.
  • They should conceptualize and implement the overall public art policy.
  • They plan and select the artwork that will be displayed around the city property.
  • They are in charge of other artistic obligations that are assigned by the City Manager or City commission.
  • They conceptualize the public art program guidelines.
  • They select the location to which the artworks will be placed.
  • They determine request the funding needed to support the public art programs.

Members of the committee are expected to attend the scheduled meetings that take place not more than 10 times in a year. The schedule of the meetings is given three weeks in advance in order to inform everyone, visit

Miami is a renowned world class arts destination. If you go around the county and you don’t want to visit galleries and museums, you’ll be impressed by the stunning arts and sculptures you see around. Those arts are displayed in the public places as part of the Art in Public Places Program.

In fact, since the program was initiated in 1973, there are already over 700 artworks displayed around the county, where the majority is found in Little Havana and downtown Miami.

In the middle up to late 2017, there were hints that a rule concerning public arts may take effect. The alleged rule requires most developers to include public art in their private projects or they may suffer to pay a fee that goes to the public art.

It says that if a private project costs $15 million or more, they have to contribute public arts with a value of 1.25 percent of the construction cost or they pay 1 percent tax. The legislation also includes private renovations that cost around $3 million. They also need to join the public arts program.

Since then, there have been a lot of criticisms circling around the legislation. Many project developers were not convinced about it. Moreover, with the ruling, young street artists can no longer participate in the program.

With Sunny Isles public arts committee, the city will be focusing on displaying public arts that showcase the talents of artists and engineers. The development of the city helps the people to have better lives through an improved way of living, you can read more here

Moreover, as a budding city, Sunny Isles will have an improved sense of identity. More tourists will be attracted to visit the city.

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