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For online success, your website needs to have SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The goal is to be ranked in the top search results of leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In the past, you needed to hire a webmaster or a marketing agency to handle all your SEO services for you. Now there are free and paid SEO tools and software that you can use and do the SEO yourself. This would help you save money because you don’t need to hire an expert or a company to do this for you anymore.

With so many choices available, we show you some of the top 10 SEO software on the market today.

SEO Rank Monitor

One of the best software in the market that gives you mobile ranking data. 46% of internet users search while using their mobile devices. This trend is expected to rise and even overtake those who are searching using their desktop.

When it comes to local businesses, the latest study shows that 80% of mobile searches resulted in a sale. Search engines have a different way of ranking desktop and mobile searches. When you know your mobile ranking data, you can now optimize your website not only for desktop searches but also for mobile as well.

This software has an easy to understand interface that many find to be user-friendly. Data and reports can be shared easily with clients or team members. The dashboard is easy to read and interpret. Current ranking for specific keywords can be easily accessed. This is shown visually through charts and graphs that are easy to understand.

The SEO Rank Monitor will give you a specific ranking in every city that you choose. Reports can be created and sent by simply using drag and drop. You can also do advanced filtering to give you the specific data that you need. Data can be organized by search engine, date, keywords, and competitors.

Allows you to compare any two dates which other software can’t do. This helps in tracking the success of certain campaigns.

You can also spy on your competitors by checking on their keyword rankings or by any of the software’s advanced filters.
Your website’s health is also monitored through the software so that you can spend less time having to gather this data.

Authority Labs

A great software to use for local results tracking and good user reporting. It can help track results for campaigns that focus on a given country, city or zip code. Domains can be tracked in all countries and languages that are offered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The Now Provided reports, gives you new keyword opportunities that used to show “not provided” when a certain update was rolled out for everyone. Mobile rankings can also be tracked side by side with your desktop rankings. AuthorityLabs can also track your mobile and local rankings simultaneously. This helps in giving an idea of how users interact with your website from their mobile device in a specific location.

The software allows tracking of competitors. You can compare your rankings with theirs and keep tabs on their keyword usage as well.

Weekly or monthly reports can also be done automatically. This saves time and effort in having to prepare reports manually.

Link Assistant

This company offers their SEO PowerSuite which is a one-stop shop when it comes to SEO software. There are free and paid versions that can suit your SEO needs.

The software offers unlimited sites, keywords and backlinks to track. Tasks can be fully automated, which include your rank tracking, website audits, backlink checks and data reporting.

Reports are fully customized, white label and designed to look best on any device. It has 4 tools that can perform SEO for you, Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant. This makes Link Assistant part of the top 10 Seo software available today.

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