Mys Tyler founder Sarah Neil and investor Quentin Wallace on 4 meanings for ‘runway’ in startups

Sarah Neill is a serial entrepreneur who has also been been working in innovation in the telco space for more than 15 years.

Her first startup was the travel tech company Doodad in 2013, followed by A Relatively Unique Inc, and most recently, the fashion tech venture Mys Tyler, which set out to solve the $1 trillion “fit” problem for women buying clothes online. 

She recently sat down to talk with Quentin Wallace, founder of angel investment group Archangel Ventures.

With Neill in the midst of raising for Mys Tyler, the notion of “runway” was on her mind. And what she discovered while talking to Wallace was that like a busy airport, there’s more than one runway.

“So when people ask you, ‘What’s your runway?’, perhaps a better answer would be ‘Which one?’,” Neil says.

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