How to stand out as a woman in the tech crowd

Designerex co-founder Kirsten Kore

As a woman in the tech industry, you may find yourself being the only one in the crowd. One of the first things I find myself doing when I walk into the conferences and meet-ups, is look around to find my fellow female founders.

Thankfully, there are more and more of us, as women such as Kate Morris of Adore Beauty and Jess Ruhfus of Collabosaurus, are forging the path to us being as equally part of the industry as anyone. 

In my four years in the industry, I’ve developed a few strategies so I ooze a sense of confidence and feel like the ever proud female founder in the room.


Always turn up with confidence

In any industry, but especially in tech, knowing your potential and power is key. I began as a very shy young woman, so confidence was something I was constantly attempting to improve on.

Perhaps the best way I was able to gain confidence was through experience; with every new opportunity in the tech space, my knowledge and base grew, and so did the natural confidence I had in myself to disrupt this industry in ways that it has needed for a long time.

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