Why Now is the Ideal Time to Catapult Into Entrepreneurship

Whether you’re one of the 40 million plus Americans who’ve lost their job during the COVID-19 crisis, or the pandemic made you realize life is too short and it’s time to pursue your passion, you might be looking at a career change. Shifting course is never easy, especially during an economic recession. In some ways, the current crisis affords you the unlikely opportunity of extra time to explore options and thoughtfully consider your next move.

No matter when you make a career change, there is a somewhat unsettling period of existing between what was and what will be. Right now, you’re not alone—everyone is experiencing these feelings because the future in general is so uncertain.

If you’re considering testing the entrepreneurial waters, you have the challenge of analyzing your idea in the context of a world where no one is sure what industries will bounce back and which won’t. But you can’t let fear and uncertainty stop you.

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