Think You’re Too Busy to Start a Side Hustle? Why You Might Be Wrong and 10 Ideas to Get Started

The term “side hustle” is a relatively new one, but the idea has been around for decades. Your full-time job likely supplies you with the income you need to stay afloat, but if you had a secondary part-time job, you could explore a passion, build wealth or just live a more opulent lifestyle.

With more than 44 million Americans now engaging in at least one side hustle, the concept is more popular than ever. But if you’re one of the millions who hasn’t yet adopted a side gig, there’s probably one factor holding you back more than any other: time.

Do you think you’re too busy to start a side hustle? Once you see what kinds of side gigs could help you turn a profit, you might find something that fits into your packed schedule.

The elusive appeal of the side hustle

There are three main benefits to adopting a side hustle, though there are peripheral benefits beyond these:

  • Additional income. Who doesn’t love more income? Revenue is one of the biggest motivating factors for entrepreneurs starting businesses, and it’s certainly the primary motivator for most career paths. Getting involved in a side gig can instantly multiply the bottom-line dollars you pull in every month.
  • New career opportunities. Starting a side gig could also open the door to new career opportunities; if things go well at your part-time gig, you could easily transition to full-time.

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