Steve Baxter reveals why he invested in Clipchamp, which is now being snapped up by Microsoft

Big news dropped this week – Brisbane based video editing platform, Clipchamp, was acquired by Microsoft.

The following is part of a lovely note sent out to all shareholders by one of the founders, Alex Dreiling, when trying to use my own words as an intro – I failed to find better words, so I am using his:

What an amazing outcome! And what an exciting journey ahead! I would like to sincerely thank all of you. Regardless of the stage you joined as a shareholder, you supported us when no one else would and I’m very happy we were able to drive this result for you. Please keep investing in the startup ecosystem, there are many more of us out there!”

So how it all began for us, in 2014 – three guys (three out of these four).

Walk into an early-stage investor’s office and pitch the world’s biggest distributed supercomputer.

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