South Australian startup Secure Nest aims to make schema therapy more accessible

Schema therapy was developed by American psychologist Jeffrey Young for the treatment of personality disorders and to help individuals who had not seen success with other treatments.

The therapy works to help patients address schemas – negative themes or patterns they may be repeating through their lives – by identifying emotional triggers and, in turn, behavioural patterns.

Looking to make schema therapy more accessible is South Australian startup Secure Nest, cofounded by Sally and Joseph Skewes, a clinical psychologist and an IT professional, respectively, with the assistance of Dutch psychologist Michiel van Vreeswijk.

As Joseph explained, the platform aims to address the fact that gaining access to therapy can be a challenge for many.

“Due to a lack of resources – for example, Medicare session limits, difficulty accessing therapists in regional areas, or lack of financial capacity for clients to fund regular sessions – there is often insufficient means to provide effective psychological treatment for clients,” Joseph said.

“Therapists need evidence-based tools and innovative ways of working effectively with their clients to support them between sessions. People need access to personalised self-education to understand their negative life patterns, such as where they have come from and how they develop, and how to change.

Secure Nest aims to be the solution.

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