Is Press Release Distribution for Startups Too?

Is press release distribution only for big and well-established brands? How can small companies and startups benefit from a distribution service?

It’s so common to hear from new marketers and PR professionals that they don’t intend to distribute their releases via a distributing site because they are just new in the market. Most of the time, they think that they can’t afford what the big companies are paying.

That is not the only issue, some newbies are hesitant to try writing releases because they think that it’s only for the big companies. This is completely wrong because even startups and small companies can have phenomenal success with a press release distribution.

press release distribution

Most common issues about startups is that “I can’t write a release!” or “What newsworthy story I can share?”

“Size doesn’t matter in writing and distributing releases. But, your story does.”

So, it’s not important whether you are a big or a small company, as long as you have a credible story to share. There are several reasons to write a newsworthy story, even your new.

It can be a story about your product launch, a new president being introduced, or you are sponsoring a charity event. All these stories can resonate to the audience. You just have to make sure that it reaches the right media and publications through the right distribution.

You can decide to pitch to the media, hire a press release service, or do both. If you opt for the second option, you get a lot of benefits, including:

  1. You can establish your brand as an expert.

Even if you are just a new company, you can earn the reputation as an expert in your industry through releases, visit Writing a release is a way to show people that your brand is a thought leader in your field. Start writing releases that show your expertise in a subject or in a debatable topic.

For instance, you may write your stance about same-sex marriage, while relating to your brand. However, using this kind of topic for your release can create controversies. Make sure that it doesn’t damage your brand.

Another way to establish your brand as an expert is to regularly issue releases. When people see your story more often, they become interested with your brand. They visit your site, check what you offer and possibly buy from you.

People buy from companies with credibility, even it’s just new. So, start writing releases that provide valuable benefits to the customers to see how your publicity picks up.

  1. It widens your visibility.

When you hire a press release service, your news can be picked up by more journalists and publications. These services have media relations with a huge number of news and media outlets, reporters and influencers.

It means your story has more chances of getting picked up by your target reporters. Since you can hit more targets in one spot, you get more chances of getting media exposure.

Your story has the possibility of appearing on the televisions, newspapers, magazines, news sites and radios. Don’t forget that a paid distribution service also offers social media sharing, which means your news can reach social media users.

With a distribution site, your news can also reach influencers. They can write about your brand through their content. Since they are influencers, they have the ability to influence their followers with the products they post. It promotes brand awareness and added leads and sales.

Your story reaches more boundaries that you can’t do with other marketing tactics. It is very important for startups like you because your brands can grow in sales, traffic and leads.

  1. It is cost-effective.

One thing that scares newbies and small companies is that they don’t have enough budget to allot for distributing releases. They think that they can’t afford the cost of using online distribution companies.

The good news is that several reputable distribution companies now offer affordable packages for startups and small companies. Depending on their budget and goals, they can choose from the different packages offered to them.

They should also consider the fact that paying for the distribution of their press release is more cost-effective than paying for traditional ads. You get what you pay for because working with good companies ensure results.

When you use a service, you get a good return-on-investment, including improved sales, traffic, brand awareness and leads. Small companies and startups may find allotting a portion of their investment may be risky, but it shouldn’t be like that.

When you chose a good service, you get a good chance that you’ll receive more benefits than what you invested. The results can outweigh the cost of your investment.

  1. You can have more customers.

Today, when you write and distribute releases, it will not only reach the media. Using a distribution company ensures that your story will also be read by a lot of people.

About 80 million of people go online to get their news. Your story may be one of the stories they read. A lot of them can become your customers.

Ensure that you are writing a press release with your target customers in mind. Think how you can provide them benefits. Don’t just talk about your product. Check out how to find trampoline park avondale.

People want to know how they can benefit from you. Why they should care?

Emphasize the features and benefits. When story appeals to people, they are most likely to engage with you. Later on, they will have the interest to buy from you.

  1. It can expose your brand to possible investors.

A press release service can be an instrument to bring your news in front of the investors. Write stories that feature your company’s success, milestones, acquisition, significant statistics and other good stories.

An online distribution company distributes your story in different locations. There’s no doubt that small companies and startups can get the exposure they need to boost their brand’s visibility.

If you haven’t tried getting a service to distribute your releases, try it now. You may also combine it with direct pitching to journalists to maximize the results.

PR campaigns aren’t  easy. It takes time to build rapport and to get results. But, with proper distribution, you can reach your business goals.


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