How to build a poach-proof culture at a tech company

If you want to poach-proof your business, start by creating the kind of culture people thrive in.

Poaching staff is one of the harsh realities of the tech world. Competitors are looking to grow their business fast and your employees are talented experts who are already fully trained up. Poaching is basically a super-irritating form of flattery – your competitors want your staff because they’re awesome.

The trouble is, you’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours in that awesomeness, so it’s not something you want to share.

The value of retaining staff is far more than just the cost to replace them. When an employee is poached, you lose knowledge, skills and potential value. You also reshuffle existing work relationships and according to a 2018 Gallup Poll, that can impact everything from productivity to engagement to overall employee wellbeing.

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