How Amazon Launchpad helped turn non-alcoholic spirits brand Lyre’s into a category leader in 12 months

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits launched in 2019 and the Australian startup is now the most-awarded brand in its category in the world.

The flavours include gin, whisky, vermouth, amaretto, absinthe and rum, and you can even make a non-alcoholic Negroni.

Co-founder Carl Hartmann is a serial entrepreneur and when Amazon Launchpad arrived in Australia last year, he used it to help build the business to the level of success it enjoys today.

Now he’s looking to give something back as a judge of the recently announced Amazon Launchpad Innovation.

Applications are open for the next three weeks for Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grants, worth $80,000 each.

There are five grant packages up for grabs.

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