Brisbane’s Brigie wants to make it easier for international students to apply to Australian courses

Education is often described as one of Australia’s most important exports: according to the federal Education Department, there were almost 555,000 full-fee paying students in Australia in 2016, up more than 10 percent on 2015. These numbers translate to more than $21 billion in value for the local economy.

Though the students keep coming, the experience they go through to come to Australia can often leave something to be desired, and Australian startup Brigie wants to fix it.

Brazilian brothers Nick, Mike, and Guilherme Borrego, now all based in Brisbane, have been working on Brigie since November 2016, inspired by their own experiences coming to study down under.

Having made the journey himself in 2008, Nick noticed that the arduous, paper-based process had barely changed when his younger brother Guilherme applied to study in Australia in 2016.

This experience, coupled with stories in the news at the time about international student agencies trying to funnel students into courses for which they would be paid the highest commission and other horror stories led the brothers to start brainstorming.

“We started to think of a better way to help international students find information about coming to Australia and apply to study in Australia using technology,” Nick said.

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