Beyond Facebook and LinkedIn: Social Media Strategies for Your Business

If you are self-employed or run a startup, not using social media to help boost sales is like going to the plate with a 6-inch bat—you’re much more likely to strike out. What many entrepreneurs are learning is that while having a website and Facebook or LinkedIn page is a good start, it’s likely you’re not yet exploiting the full power of social media.

You can use social media advertising to build a credible reputation, attract customers, connect with similar businesses and colleagues, drive traffic to your website and cross-promote your content across different social media sites.

In what follows, we cover social media advertising strategies beyond the basics of using Facebook and LinkedIn.

Benefits of social media marketing

The holy grail of marketing is return on investment (ROI). Social media advertising is best at providing a quick ROI, due to several reasons:

  1. It’s faster than content marketing: You can expect to see results almost immediately from a properly pitched social media advertising campaign. Contrast this with content marketing on website copy and blogs, which takes time to yield results from search engine optimization (SEO) and backlinks.

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