Be Your Own Boss: I Started a Business and Here’s How You Can, Too

The prospect of starting your own business venture can procure all kinds of doubts: How will I get it off the ground? Is my idea good enough? Will people care about it? What happens if I fail? Will I lose money? It’s not just personal insecurities that can stand in the way of that all-important first step, either.

In January, Forbes published an article suggesting that the Great Recession was to blame for killing off U.S. millennials’ entrepreneurial drive, as well as higher debt, housing and healthcare expenses, and lower overall income compared to generational predecessors.

For many, these albeit natural concerns become the barriers aspiring millennial entrepreneurs face in bringing both themselves and their unborn enterprises to fruition. But setting up a new business doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing affair, and the merits of drive and enthusiasm cannot be overstated in transforming the potential of your passions into real financial and emotional rewards.

The road to entrepreneurship

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I spent the first part of my career in a “regular job.” At 25, I was a personal trainer, and I worked as a residential advisory for a dormitory. It brought money in, but I knew my real passions were dance and finding ways to help other people. I wanted more freedom and I knew the only way to get that would be with my own business.

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