5 strategies to manage fear in your business

Are you sick of being full of fear in your business? We’ve all been there. Andrew Griffiths shares five strategies to help you put fear on the back burner in your business.

If we are honest with ourselves, fear is the constant companion of many startup founders and small business owners, particularly for soloists.

It’s natural when you think about it. We are responsible for paying the bills and making enough money to support ourselves. What will happen if you lose a big valuable client? What if you get sick? What if a competitor comes into your market and steals all of your customers? Fear, fear, fear.

It’s really easy to let our mind run rampant and live a life filled with fear. Of course the problem is that this is a terrible way to live. It is exhausting, it invites doom and disaster. I strongly believe that our customers can smell fear, and it erodes their sense of confidence that they may have in us and our products and services.

So how do we manage fear?

How do we stop this beast from controlling us? I have found that if we adopt and learn from these five strategies, we will slowly start to build our confidence. And over many years I’ve realised that in business, the more confident we are the most likely we are to succeed.

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