5 First-Hand Tips To Build a Startup As A Digital Nomad

When starting a new business, there are many initial decisions to make. One of them is to plan the new company’s location. Or, in some cases, whether to have an actual location or not.

According to OpenColleges’s complete guide to digital nomads, “remote working trends are growing worldwide, and taking the faster internet connections and growing millennial workforce, who value travel, into account, it is safe to say that digital nomadism is here to stay.”

Although most digital nomads are freelancers, contractors or remote workers, some globetrotters are also creating and running startups while enjoying a dream lifestyle. At first, it may sound tricky, but once you dig deeper into it, location independent setups can have more benefits than being based in a costly startup ecosystem.

There is a clear financial advantage.

To find out more about the financial advantages, we have talked to Sarah Hum, digital nomad and co-founder of Canny. We have asked her to share her advice with other entrepreneurs planning to start a location independent company, and she has kindly given us some helpful tips.

Sarah Hum and Andrew Rasmussen (co-founder of Canny) decided to quit their jobs at Facebook to pursue their double dream: to start a company and travel the world.

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