4 Scholarships for Budding Student Entrepreneurs

It’s already difficult enough to be a college student when you consider coursework, work-study jobs and student debt. It gets even tougher if you know you want to pursue entrepreneurship as a post-graduate or have already started a business from your dorm room. In addition to paying rent and additional bills like car insurance and utilities, you may need extra financial support to keep the business afloat.

Where can you find funding? You could always apply for a bank loan and add on to your existing debt. Or, you could do your due diligence and research other financing methods, like grants and scholarships, that don’t require paying a penny back in return. (I like the latter idea better, too).

If you’re not sure what kinds of scholarships are available, I rounded up a few that student entrepreneurs from all walks of life can apply for — and hopefully, be awarded!

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1. The FormSwift Scholarship Program

More about the scholarship: FormSwift, a company that specializes in creating and editing documents ranging from W-2 forms to invoices, has created a scholarship program to grow the next generation of entrepreneurs. Rather than write an essay or film a video, applicants must create and submit a business plan infographic.

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