3D body scanning startup Bodd is tackling a $950 billion problem for fashion retailers

Tech startup Bodd is expanding distribution of its Australian made 3D body scanning and sizing technology to global markets and its on the hunt for investors to back its unique idea.

Bodd uses data from 3D scans to create better retail experiences for both consumers and brands in the fashion, uniform, gym and pharmacy sectors. A non-intrusive, 60-second scanner, manufactured in Australia by Bosch, captures all the data needed to make a body “passport”.

It enables companies, provided the owner has given them permission to use the data, to make tailored offers from clothing to product recommendations and personalised health outcomes.

The Melbourne-based startup is looking to raise additional capital to scale up its team for a move into the North American, European and Southeast Asian markets.

Bodd CEO and co-founder Rob Fisher said supporting local manufacturing is a key focus for the company.

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