Recruitment startup Weploy launched a free job app to help displaced workers find jobs

Recruitment tech venture Weploy is the latest startup to step into the breach to help people who’ve lost their jobs find work during covid-19, launching a new platform called WeployConnect to help companies place laid-off workers in new roles and match workers with new employers.

Vietnamese street food chain Roll’d joined WeployConnect as a launch partner with its 500 furloughed staff onboarded, along with jeweller Bevilles.

Australia Post is among those hiring on the platform as it switches focus from letters to increased parcel delivery, announcing this week that it has repurposed and opened 15 new processing facilities, as well as recruiting 600 casuals into the network and call centre to help manage increased parcel delivery demand.

Parcel deliveries have averaged almost 2 million a day since before Easter and volumes have almost doubled in the last four weeks, up by 90% compared to last year.

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