3 Ways to Engage Your Audience Using Instagram Stories

When I first started writing this piece, I considered taking it from a “how to” approach for making successful Instagram Stories. Then, I realized that all of this information is readily available on Instagram’s Help page. Regurgitating it in a blog post, which has been done before, may not be as valuable as thinking about the bigger picture, which is: how can brands keep audiences interested and clicking on their Instagram Stories to watch what they’re up to next?

Ask questions using the polling sticker or Emoji Slider

One interactive feature that has long been an Instagram Stories staple is the polling sticker. This sticker, which can be used on photos or videos, allows a brand to ask its audience a question, and users vote with their response.

For example, if you run an ice cream shop, your polling sticker question might ask fans to pick either Oreo or Reese’s as their ice cream topping of choice with a photo of the two ice creams side by side.

Fans vote by clicking either the “Oreo” or “Reese’s” button, which will then provide your brand with some insight into which topping consumers enjoy. Easy enough, right?

The latest update to join the squad is called the Emoji Slider. This sticker is a lot like the polling sticker, but it allows for more responses than the polling sticker’s two options.

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